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Breakfast Menu in Cheltenham

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Breakfast Menu at Beaumont House

Non Residents: Hot £13.00 Buffet £9.50

Please help yourself from our cold buffet selection.

Freshly made porridge

Prepared on order.

Regular full English

Cotswold herb sausage*, grilled bacon, fried free range egg, fresh grilled tomato & flat mushrooms. (baked beans please order as an extra).

Big full English

2 Cotswold herb sausages*, 2 slices of grilled back bacon, 2 fried free range, eggs, fresh grilled tomato & flat mushrooms. (baked beans please order as an extra).

Breakfast sandwich

With Cotswold herb sausage* or bacon

Summer isles Scottish smoked salmon

With free range scrambled eggs on brown toast.

Sleepy hollow smoked haddock

With free range poached egg.

American pancakes

With crispy streaky bacon and maple syrup.

Your order for tea & filter coffee & toast will be taken

*vegetarian option is available

We do cook to order, so please accept our apologies if you are kept waiting – we are usually quite efficient. You will be rewarded with a hot freshly cooked breakfast [not something kept warm on a buffet]!

Our free range eggs are supplied by one local farm – coopers hill delivered 3 times a week – they could only be fresher if we put a hen on every table!

Our sausages are made by award winning "simple suppers", a small farm based company located in Morton in Marsh. The pork comes from either their own pigs or pigs from neighbouring farms.

Our back bacon is dry cured and is supplied by the award winning butts farm rare breeds. It is located between Cirencester and Swindon. Thick cut and delicious!

Our smoked haddock is from “isle of ewe smokehouse”, a family company on the shores of loch ewe, Scotland. Their haddock is hand cured in a sweet brine of brown sugar, dark rum and Dead Sea salt. The fish is then hung in a stone kiln and gently smoked using a mixture of oak whisky barrel chips, larch and ash.

Our smoked salmon is sourced from another small smokehouse – summer isles foods. We prefer their peat smoked salmon when available. On occasions we use their sweet cured. Both are excellent.

Our butter comes from Netherend dairy, home to the finest traditionally churned Gloucestershire farmhouse butter.


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